Infamy! Infamy!

sagat clipping

“The British anthropology student Matt Thomas provides fresh portrayals from modern-day Sápmi, where he is staying with Johan Mathis Eira and family on their summer pasture at Kokelv. Now they are looking forward to hearing friends play at Midnattsrocken.”

A mole is grubbing away in our midst. Who on earth has been leaking stories about me to Ságat, north Norway’s finest Saami newspaper that’s written in Norwegian?

Seeing this in the newspaper made me feel deeply uncomfortable. Who has been talking about me and my reasons for being here? Why is it in the paper, for 2,783 strangers to see? Are there ulterior motives lurking beneath this? I felt icky, I felt invaded. I’m rather a private person. (The author duly notes the irony of posting this on a public blog.)

The story prompted some searching questions and much amateur detective work.

Who knows I visited Kokelv? Who thinks I’m going to Midnattsrocken? Who has the overfamiliar audacity to call me Matt rather than Matthew Thomas? Who is the mole?

Turns out it was me. Oops.