The Clocks of Tromsø

Tromsø is unsure what to do with itself.

The city is a party haven and host to the chess World Cup. It’s full of bikers and caravaners. You can walk across the main island in a few hours, down the main drag in a few minutes, and everywhere you walk, you walk into restaurants and hairdressers. Everything is manageably sized, an enlarged SimCity, boasting several ‘northermosts’: university, planetarium, botanical garden, cathedral, symphony orchestra, brewery, and Major Burger Chain Franchise Outlet.

The city’s clocks captivate me. Natural ones and mechanical ones: dandelion clocks and clock tower clocks.
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The Cold Part

Jot’tit lea buorit go orrot is a traditional Saami saying that translates as, ‘to move on is better than to stay put’. Over the next two months, I’ll spend my time travelling across the pastures of Finnmark to find out exactly what that phrase means.
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